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  1. Profile photo of Ms-Peregrine Ms-Peregrine says:

    Why am I only reading this now?? I laughed so hard at 4 in the morning the dogs started barking, thinking that a maniacal joker was breaking into the house. Absolutely loved it. Now i know where Ms-PandaLee gets her tried and tested ideas from.

  2. Profile photo of slave nina slave nina says:

    Oh my … i just laughed so much while reading this … i love the service that you are performing and cannot wait to read and learn more … Yes, learn! You, lovely lady, are teaching me so much … More importantly, you are teaching me (and hopefully, all who read your amazing writings) how to have fun … And i do believe that Masters/Doms can learn from this as well … Whilst this lifestyle can be very serious and intense, there is a flipside, which you so eloquently and humorously share with U/us unselfishly in your writings … i thank you and look forward to much, much more …

  3. Profile photo of TungstenX TungstenX says:

    XD you are a good labrat (that’s “la brat”); you didn’t fail 4 times, you’ve eliminated 4 alternatives from a mountain of possible solutions to your (ongoing) predicament.

  4. Profile photo of HBoss HBoss says:

    Thnx for sharing this Wonder-woman. Inspires me to write a semi-bio-piece about my journey that brought me into the world of kink…Thank You for the Motivanion this piece gave me.

  5. Profile photo of HBoss HBoss says:

    A really inspiring article. Gave me goosebumps and I had to compose myself as I read thru it. Thank You for posting this.

  6. Profile photo of TungstenX TungstenX says:

    As always, well written. As for experience; (the following I still have to get right)

    “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi


  7. Profile photo of MissM MissM says:

    Gorgeously written piece! I aways love seeing you play (twice now i think), your laughter and giggles are infectious and your marks looked fabulous! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  8. Profile photo of TungstenX TungstenX says:

    A very well written and informative piece, thank you. I gained more and deeper insight into the mechanics of masochism. I’m usually in the front, and even with all the activities and noises, W/we can hear your giggles – which brings a smile to O/our faces. Boowitch is playing and she is enjoying it…

    • Profile photo of Boowitch Boowitch says:

      Thank you very much for the comment. I’m not sure if I am a classic masochist. But the pain gets me to the most beautiful subspace.
      Glad you enjoyed the giggles πŸ™‚

  9. Profile photo of KaiTrix KaiTrix says:

    Runs away as I see the typo’s… Should really wait till I am properly awake… There is no edit button!

  10. Profile photo of KaiTrix KaiTrix says:

    I will comment here rather than on the original post since I am a little in trouble for alate rsvp to the party.

    Great reading your perspective. You have a way of putting so much emotion into words. It felt like I was actually at a party reading throigh it. Is it strange that after all my years I still get that nervous anticipation as I walk up the stairs every time?

    It’s fascinating to me how I have never experienced the exact same vibe at any two SB parties. It’s home, but there is something new, exciting and unexpected happening every time we get to go visit.

    P.S. Your bum is now oficially part of my fondle group. Noooo way RopeWrangler gets to keep that to himself ALL the time. After all your butt is one of the views that makes our home prime real estate – insert my famous innocent grin here-.

    • Profile photo of wonder woman wonder woman says:

      Awww thank you for the wonderful compliment. *blushes furiously*

      You will have to ask RopeWrangler if he doesn’t mind sharing my bum from time to time. *insert giggle here*

  11. Profile photo of KaiTrix KaiTrix says:

    Dear lady… As explained in person, this is extremely hot and erotic and allowed me to enjoy the sybian in ways that I am physically not really able to.

    Thank you so very much for sharing, and for sharing so, so well!

    I think last night was the first time we really met, great putting a smile and giggle to the profile. Your spanking was awesome!

    • Profile photo of Boowitch Boowitch says:

      So glad you went there!!! The Sybian is both evil and soooo delicious. I’m glad you experienced it!
      And thank you for the complint on the play. MissLynn Rocked!

      • Profile photo of KaiTrix KaiTrix says:

        Oh dear lady, it takes two to tango…. The stunning MissLynn could not have had that lovely play on her own… She needed your awesome responses! Hope you have a stunning week!

  12. Profile photo of renesmay renesmay says:

    My question…. why always the need to place ourselves in a box?

  13. Profile photo of FireSiren FireSiren says:


    I think I need to organize me a date with the sybian to find my g-spot XD

  14. Profile photo of ShadowSubby ShadowSubby says:

    Wow. You should post this on the erotic writing group as well. The way you experienced the sybian and writing about it is truly amazing and so in-depth. Readers on the erotic writing group who were unable to attend last Saturday would feel like they were there with you.

    • Profile photo of Boowitch Boowitch says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comments and the time you took to read it. It’s much appreciated.
      Lol, as for erotic writing, does it qualify if it’s not fiction?
      P.S. I hope you go on the Sybian!

  15. Profile photo of MaidenLeigh MaidenLeigh says:

    Holy. Shit.

    Best article EVER!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing yourself, your thoughts, yourself.

    I have watched a few plays between you and 3F, and this weekend watched you in the Sybian room for a short while. I admire how liberated you are.

    You are a beautiful and inspiring lady.

    • Profile photo of Boowitch Boowitch says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the writing. It was even more fun experiencing πŸ˜› every other should have a go on that evil remote controlled contraption

      As for being liberated… BDSM have given me a freedom I have never expected. Both in mind and in body. Sound Barrier has created a space to let go in safety and without judgement, and I’m thankful for that.

      Thank you for taking the time the watch and read πŸ™‚

  16. Profile photo of slave nina slave nina says:

    This is certainly a thought provoking piece and i love the analogy used … Thank You for sharing and giving such wise insight into the inner workings of a successful dynamic …

  17. Profile photo of TungstenX TungstenX says:

    No truer words have been spoken. I like the analogy very much, the framework (or in O/our case, by law, the house plans) is the intent of the relationship. Only through cooperation does the shell, house, become a home.

    And just like a real home, it gets cobwebs in the corners. (Unlike a real home, most would not have a domestic worker “taking care” of the cobwebs). The house needs to be cleaned regularly. In a traditional, old fashioned relationship the submissive would take care of the day-to-day cleaning and up keep. The Dominant’s day-to-day responsibility is to protect the submissive and the house, the up keep of the garden etc.

    But like a real house, the most damage comes from the outside weather, real life, stress and other factors. It is the Dominant’s responsibility to make sure that the velocity and magnitude of the structural up keep of the house is faster and more than what the environment is doing to the house. And like a real house, it is a frequent and never ending exercise – that is, if you want to live in a cosy and happy home. Most of the up keep only needs the Dominants attention early on – or the submissive highlighting the small crack in the wall. And like most up keeping; ignoring the problem will result in a more expensive, labour intensive effort, that may involve a contractor.

    The submissive is also not spared from this up keep. The Dominant might be occupied with protecting the home (e.g. financially), or admiring His submissive shuffling along, bound and in a French maid outfit… It is the submissive responsibility to guide the Dominant’s attention to the problem areas. (Strip tease in front of the crack is not going to help)

    I purposefully didn’t use gender here because weather Y/you are a Dom or Domme, slave boy or girl – these roles, most of the time, fits your personality.

    Wow, thank you Tallship, I usually don’t write much but this just inspired Me!

  18. Profile photo of KaiTrix KaiTrix says:

    Giggles… Oh I love the mean spot!

  19. Profile photo of FireSiren FireSiren says:

    I need to remember this and not beat myself because I haven’t done all the things I want to do as of yet. But being interested in BDSM from a young age and not having a way to express definitely contributes to moving too fast.

  20. Profile photo of MaidenLeigh MaidenLeigh says:

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  21. Profile photo of MaidenLeigh MaidenLeigh says:

    That is all.


  22. Profile photo of MaidenLeigh MaidenLeigh says:

    I’ve noticed that the rate of others’ journey seems accelerated when compared with my own, and I imagine that my own journey may seem fast in comparison to some. Without a doubt the internet, and associated connectivity devices, have created a rapid rate of inception and ingestion for almost any activity; and we all suffer from what is know as hyperconnectivity. I think that slowing down is something that hardly happens these days.

    Having said that, life sometimes forces you to slow down, to even stop if you refuse to listen. When that happens, it shatters your world and frankly, I don’t wish it on anyone.

    I think this is sage advice, Kattman; slow down and take the journey with care. Relish the evolution, because if life forces you to slow down, it’s going to be a little on the unpleasant side.

  23. Thank you for the interesting and informative read.

  24. Profile photo of TungstenX TungstenX says:

    W/we are not all blessed with fat-pipe, erm, broadband o.O

  25. Profile photo of SBadmin SBadmin says:

    It loaded immediately for me!

  26. Profile photo of Foxy roxxi Foxy roxxi says:

    Good reading for all newbies

  27. Profile photo of slave nina slave nina says:

    Oh my … Thank You Sir for sharing Your thought provoking wisdom with U/us all … Some of U/us are like kid’s in a candy store, rushing from one delicious tidbit to another and in the process, W/we are missing out on so much more …

  28. I can completely identify with this. I think it helps that as kinksters we are generally a creative lot and can often wiggle our way out of the obstacles that life throws at us.

  29. Profile photo of Waterfall Waterfall says:

    Lifes been fucking with my kink the whole year, haven’t been at a party since Dec

  30. Profile photo of SBadmin SBadmin says:

    πŸ˜€ Apologies, don’t mean to laugh, but this is funny. Would love to hear more F/folks stories of how “life” gets in the way of T/their kink!

  31. Profile photo of smily194 smily194 says:

    Very interesting. Thank you for posting.

  32. Profile photo of slave nina slave nina says:

    Wow … an amazing read indeed … not only essential info for newbies, but recommended reading for all U/us ‘oldies’ as well …

  33. Profile photo of RopeShy RopeShy says:

    Nice post.
    My recommendation is at least read up on some basics then, attend a party, meet people and do a tie with a experienced bunny or a rigger nearby.

    Most importantly make sure the model will safe word when needed.
    Get over the “fear of the safe word”.

    Have fun and be safe

  34. Great post. I identify as slave and also experienced struggle with believing if this is really true because I’m anything but perfect.

  35. Profile photo of wonder woman wonder woman says:

    Very well written, and a good read. Thank you

  36. Profile photo of Chi Chi says:

    Excellent read!

  37. I really appreciated the clarification.
    Thank you

  38. Excellently written, thank you!

  39. Profile photo of ScubaOke ScubaOke says:

    Excellent clarification. So may miss the definitions and focus points.

  40. Profile photo of Infinitesub Infinitesub says:

    There is beauty in imperfection and brutal honesty. Thank you for posting this…

  41. Profile photo of MaidenLeigh MaidenLeigh says:

    Enjoyed the read. Thank you for posting. x

  42. Profile photo of sirAlfred sirAlfred says:

    A worth while read for new members to the community. Even those who have been actively involved for sometime should give it a glance over.

    • Profile photo of Zetta Peregrine says:

      Thank you for the enlightened read. Well worth even for refreshing or just solidifying your views.

      I like the military analogy. It makes so much sense.

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