Write up on Parties

Leather and Lace

by Mistress Moira

It has been a long time since I did a write-up about a party. Actually I haven’t been to many parties recently. Work really gets in the way of a social life sometimes and my work has picked its weekends quite nastily, so I will be working both the weekend of the 5th and the weekend of the 19th October. 🙁 Anyway, I did make it to the Sound Barrier party on 21 September 2013. So here’s the write- up.

Club Poizon is a really user friendly venue, just off the N1 highway in Midrand, easy to get to. There is no strict dress code enforced by the organisers, although each party is themed. The September party’s theme was “Leather and Lace” and the stops were pulled out by the kinksters who were almost ubiquitously dressed in either leather and/or lace or wearing black. The attendees who don’t dress up (or down) stick out like sore thumbs – I suppose that is an incentive enough for most to follow the kinkster dress code.

The creativity of kinksters never ceases to amaze me and I saw some lovely plays at Club Poizon.

I was struck by how one particular type of play can provoke such different responses in me as a casual onlooker. There were several caning and other corporal punishment plays over the evening. Some CP tops make it all look very unsexy and positively off-putting, while others make the play inviting, sexy and even fun. The aforegoing has nothing to do with how hard the play is. Let me give you an example. LouhiSA did two canings at the party. The first was with her regular play partner. They approached and played. It was clear that LouhiSA was having a good time. It was also obvious that her partner was having his own good time, although a casual observer may have considered the look on his face at times to be one of pain. LouhiSA is a petite woman, but she can deliver a cane stroke with some power and impressive accuracy. The second caning was on a woman who is not LouhiSA’s regular playpartner. I got up close and watched. LouhiSA’s stokes were less vicious, but she was still having a good time, and so was her partner. There was a connection, an enjoyment, a passion. Some of the other CP plays that evening had the same sort of passion, connection and enjoyment. Those were the ones I enjoyed watching.

Unchained_Ani did a self-suspension. I loved it. I have never seen one before and it impressed the hell out of me. Look for the photographs when they go up. They should be interesting. I also noticed Threefingers in the background and then Threefingers helping her out of the suspension. Self-suspension, but not abandonment of support and aftercare. There were other suspensions and other rope work plays. I find rope particularly sexy and am drawn to watching these with great interest.

BloodMistress combined needles and fire-cupping for a blood play session that provoked a lot of interest. There were floggings and CBT going on as well – I chatted to the guy who bottomed for a CBT play which had the crowds out the door all peeping in to see what was going on. I found that he was a kink novice who had turned up for swingers night out, approached LouhiSA and got a truly wonderful experience for his pains. He’ll be back for the kink.

Then there was the best play of the evening. One of the best sensation plays I have ever seen, in fact. Red_Dragon and inja set up their play space right in front of the table where I was seated. They started shortly after 19:00 and it took two hours to get it all in place. The space was carpeted, surrounded by candles in paper bags, the ropes were placed where they would be used. Red_Dragon blindfolded inja with a red silk scarf and play began. It was sensation play. It took more than three hours. During that time inja’s clothes were cut off her body during some stunning knife play, red wax was dripped over her, genital ‘torture’ took place, she was roped, she was cuddled and caressed and she writhed in pleasure and it was clear that despite the onlookers there were only two people in that room – Red_Dragon and inja. It was an awesome thing to watch. My respect goes to Red_Dragon who created that play.

As always, the fact that one is meeting one’s friends and new kinksters is a great feeling. The kink community is truly a community, albeit a fractured and delicate one at times. I thank Threefingers and serenaH for their hard work in making this event happen for the rest of us. We appreciate these parties. Thank you.

Random Ramblings by Kinksters

I had an idea

by Brightsmile

I was mulling over an idea for a play at the Sound Barrier Blue party. Do I do it public? Do I do it alone? I wanted to do something different (for us), wanted to push our own boundaries.

Saturday I felt so disappointed as I battled a pounding headache all day after a week of working way too hard ala-vanilla-style. And this was unfair – as I have minimal kink-time in my diary. Dear old Panado was the strongest I had, so I popped 2 and wished for the best. Driving through to Midrand, ellnino was under the impression that I had not planned a play, he knew I was in no state to actually go though with a play….. or did he?

I had spoken briefly to my sister-in-crime, ‘sweet’ (yeah right) serenah on Friday about my idea for a play – it was just an ‘idea’ and I was struggling with thoughts of the execution.

We arrive at Sound Barrier and after warm hugs, greetings and exchanges of happy smiles to all those I have missed for a while, we settled into the routine of lighting the hubbly-bubly and taking up out voyeuristic spot on the couch. After a few laughs, serenah and I snuck off and ‘chatted’… her excitement was contagious and soon we were packing out our ‘goodies’ and planning our play…. to ‘abduct’ ellnino.

Back in ‘all-is-fine-and-well’ land we laughed around the table, when, at the ‘right time’, serenah asked ellnino to get her a drink. She followed closely. As he reached the bar, mighty BaileyBeBad, slammed a cuff on his wrist and said… “This ‘can’ hurt”…. serenah blindfolded our hostage and BaileyBeBad flung him over his shoulder and carried him off.

I waited in the back area. Tools of the trade were lined up for ease of use. We looked at each other but didn’t say a word to each other. It was difficult at times – as serenah and I are serious giggle-buddies.

BaileyBeBad brought in ‘the captive’. Roughly put him down as we yanked his right arm up and cuffed the stretched armed to the cross. Clothes were all but ripped off – roughly… pants pulled down, ankles cuffed to the base …. he couldn’t move. He didn’t know who was at play…. his breath was shallow…. and so we tied him secure… he was ‘ours’, to play with, to abuse, to torment.. we stood back… and waited.

Once his breathing normalized we started, in silence (this was in turn torture for us) we flogged (I’m still learning to flogg, so some blows were unforgivably crude), paddles, crops… lots of crops. Pegs.. and then nothing………. We let him wait … the anticipation part of the game. Not knowing what was going to happen next all part of the torment.

It gave me time to realise people were watching. I saw the newbies I had greeted earlier, I wonder what they were thinking… and a photographer? Wow…. I was soaring. I was loving it… then more pegs… and dripping ice… and paddles, crops, and scratching. The frozen chain got put in his undies…. as he gasped for breath…. more flogging. Huge Ice cube in his mouth. He grunted, and often cried out: ouch, aaah, squirmed, but never screamed Red.

And so we played. We whispered softly to each other, never talking to him. We alternated between soft, hard, absence, cold… and then started again. I actually don’t know how long we played for. Or how we decided to stop… but it eventually came to an end…. I hugged him from the back, encasing him with softness and kindness and reassurance and warmth. Still he was blindfolded.

We unwrapped the ropes, removed the cuffs, undid the hand cuffs, and started dressing him…. As serenah lifted the blindfold she was greeted by the warmest ellnino smile ever… he was flying. He was happy… but the ultimate torture (for us) was when he asked whether we had forgotten something. Serenah and I looked at each other puzzled, and was totally lost at what he meant: we had left a peg strategically placed (oops, forgotten) before pulling his pants up. As the tension and concentration was immense during the play you can just imagine the comic relief this offered as we both collapsed laughing at ourselves.

I loved the play, I enjoyed playing with my kindred spirited abuser… and of course, thanks to the awesome ellnino!

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