Please Note!

If you are not a verified Sound Barrier Member, you will receive an invite from Sound Barrier to attend a party. You will need to ensure that your name goes on an attendance register, which will be held by a DM when you attend the Intro:

  • Apply for a profile for yourself by completing this “SB Membership Request” form.
  • You will receive an invite from U/us to attend a party.
  • Once you have attended your first party and have been through the intro and your name placed on an attendance register, your profile will then be available for you to access and will state that you are a verified member.
  • If you are not sure about something or require further info, you can speak with either Master PaceZA, Kaitrix or slave nina. This is done by sending a private message to any one of them, with your inquiry.

Please note that each member of a couple is required to create individual profiles, as W/we currently don’t cater for couple’s profiles.

Please read the “Rules” carefully before applying for Membership with Sound Barrier.

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