Sound Barrier – Party Entry Rules

In recent times we have established that there is a need to make Sound Barrier more exclusive, to establish a better sense of belonging for those attending our events and to recognize the fact that those attending SB events are not cut from everyday kind of cloth.

Let’s face it, people in our fantastic community are really special … NOT muggles 😉 We are the magic people …

Hence: We have come up with a way to keep our fellow kinky perverts even safer and making sure that our autonomy, anonymity out there and sense of belonging is more highlighted than ever before.

We are implementing a verification process for noobs attending parties for the first time. If you have never attended an SB event and have not been verified, please read this carefully to ensure that you do not get disappointed when attending a party or here online in the Sound Barrier Community.


  • Apply for a profile for yourself here on the Sound Barrier website, by completing the “SB Membership Request” form.
  • You will receive an invite from U/us to attend a party.
  • Once you have attended your first party and have been through the intro and your name placed on an attendance register, your profile will then be available for you to access and will state that you are a verified member.
  • If you are not sure about something or require further info, you can speak with either Master PaceZA, Kaitrix or slave nina. This is done by sending a private message to any of them, with your inquiry.
  • An introduction to party rules, etiquette, and safety information is done at 20:30 at every event. This is for the safety of everyone attending an event. Be on time for the intro if it is your first party, if you are late and have not done an intro you will not be allowed entry and your profile will not be verified. If you are unable to make the time, make arrangements with the organizers prior to attending and special arrangements on exception can be made.
  • No ‘walk-ins’ will be allowed at parties. No profile; No booking = NO ENTRY.
  • Doors close at 23:00, i.e, No one arriving after 23:00 except by special arrangement, will be allowed entry.
  • If organizers even suspect that you are using or under the influence of any illegal substance, including natural illegal substances, you will not be allowed entry. If using these in the club, you will be asked to leave and not return with haste or anytime soon. In fact probably never.

Waiver/Release Forms

It is a rule of the club that party waivers/release forms are to be signed at every party in a legible manner and all information required is to be given. Failure to do this will result in you NOT gaining entry to the party. If it cannot be read by the admin staff at the reception area, you will be asked to redo it. This is a legal document, should it be suspected that you have given false information, you will be requested to leave.

Sound Barrier staff also reserve the right to request a suitable method of identification if so asked for. (Drivers Licence, ID Book, Passport)


We have a pool of Dungeon Monitors (perverts on patrol) and our Head Dungeon Master. These people can be easily recognized here online and by badges which they wear at a party. We believe strongly in the development of the community and should there be people in the community who have a decent knowledge of BDSM, are able to make sound judgement calls and consider themselves to be good “Monitor material”, please contact the organizers and express your desire to be mentored into becoming a Monitor.

Party Rules

Dungeon Master and Monitors:

  • There will be assigned Monitors at each party. There will also be a single Dungeon Master (DM). The DM is someone trusted and well known in the community and his/her say will be final. The DM will always be someone considered to be of good judgement.
  • The DM and Monitors will be wearing badges so they are easily identifiable. What you hear from them about your scene is final. They will gladly answer questions about scenes in progress, location of available accessories and proper use of equipment.

Rules and DM’s:

  • A copy of the rules is available on the night in the room between the front and back play areas (where the tea and coffee table is). The rules, along with a list of DM’s (including pictures of said DM’s) is on the wall in a well-lit area. Should you have any queries, please approach either the organisers or DM’s to clarify.

Safe Words:

  • The play party safe words are Green (please go ahead) Orange (take care) and Red (stop immediately and don’t continue). We are aware that in relationships there are different rules and safe words and those can be used by those for their own safety.
  • Monitors will intervene in a scene if they hear a safe word used and it not being adhered to.


  • In the event of an incident at a party that requires immediate action, e.g. Medical emergency, fire, altercation between two parties and any other incident that requires immediate action and you do not know who to approach, please go to the front desk and they will find the relevant people. This applies mainly to new folk who are not familiar with the faces of the staff and/or DM’s at a party.

Safety/Consent Procedure:

  • Should an attendee of a Sound Barrier party feel that there has been some form of safety/consent violation during a play, it is to be reported to either the organisers or DM’s on the night of the incident.
  • Should an attendee of a Sound Barrier party feel that there has been some form of safety violation during a play and they only become aware of it a few days later, eg: I did a suspension on Saturday and I still can’t feel my left toe the following Tuesday, please notify the organisers as soon as possible. You can notify either Master PaceZA or Kaitrix
  • Please do not wait to report safety/consent issues, it is very difficult to investigate an allegation weeks or months after it has happened.
Each person is responsible for the safety of everyone attending Sound Barrier parties. If you see something that is unsafe, please report it immediately to a DM, who will investigate the matter further.

Basic Logic and Decency:

  • Don’t fondle or handle other people’s bodies or toys.
  • Do not make any untoward advances to people wearing collars.
  • If you did not collar it, don’t bitch about it being approached. If it’s yours mark it.
  • If you want to examine a toy, ask the owner.
  • Don’t assume everyone will accept a hug.
  • Don’t be offended if someone tells you, “No.”

Illegal Activities:

  • No alcohol and no illegal drugs will be brought into the event. The venue offers a cash bar.
  • All are welcome at Sound Barrier Play Parties, however, in accordance with SA Law solicitation for sexual favours of any kind, it is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not pay for or ask money for sex, it’s bad form in this environment. On either side of the coin.
  • Professional Dominants and/or professional submissives may not solicit clients to play at the event. Anything arranged beforehand is between the parties.

More on Alcohol and Drugs:

  • Attendees of parties are obligated to report to party organisers immediately, any suspected activity regarding the use of drugs or drug dealing at Sound Barrier events.
  • Attendees of parties are obligated to report suspected excessive alcohol use to party organisers by persons attending Sound Barrier events.

Scene Sensibilities:

  • NEVER interfere in a scene in progress.
  • Keep your scenes in the areas provided for play.
  • Do not block high traffic areas.
  • Please be considerate of other people, their toys, and their personal space.
  • Only the DM and Monitors have the authority to halt a scene.
  • Do not ask someone if they are ok while in a play. You are more than welcome to do it afterwards.
  • Do not “enter” a scene if not invited.
  • If you’re unsure about the safety or sanity of a scene, find a Monitor to ask.
  • Be quiet and considerate.
  • Keep conversations away from the play areas. If you have comments, save them for later.
  • Do not step into or walk through anyone’s scene.
  • Do not jump in as soon as the scene appears to be over. Remember, it takes some a little while to remember where they are and return to the real world.
  • Do not monopolize the play equipment.
  • Do not sit on or otherwise block the equipment if not playing. Equipment is not to be used as general furniture.
  • Safe play, play safe.
  • Bring along appropriate “accessories.”
  • We have a BDSM First Aid kit and a qualified paramedic.

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget:

  • If you’ve been intimately contacting someone else, please wash your hands before hugging, shaking hands, playing with a new person etc.
  • Clean your toys between play partners.
  • Clean the furniture after your play, the cleaning equipment is supplied.

Blood, wax and urine scenes:

  • Bring appropriate absorbent pads/tarps to catch any drips, sprays or floods.
  • If you can’t keep fluids or wax from the floor and equipment, don’t do that activity.
  • Blood play is not prohibited, but do be considerate of others, make appropriate arrangements with the organisers before an event to accommodate such a play, the reasons are quite obvious.
  • Impact play over blood is not permitted. It atomizes into the air to be inadvertently shared with anyone in the room. Please do not share your body fluids non-consensually.
  • Urine scenes (watersports) will not be permitted at parties due to health reasons, the same goes for any form of scat (feces) play.
  • Long whips, such as single tails: If you don’t have sufficient room to use one – don’t. If you are not experienced with using one – don’t. Be sure the area to the back of you and the side of you is cleared before you begin so you do not accidentally hit someone other than the person you intended to.
  • If you are a spectator to such a play inclusive of canes and canings be sure that you are far enough from the scene to not interfere or being inadvertently struck by the player.

Medical conditions and negotiations:

  • If you have any medical condition, including but not limited to sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, mental health issues or unusual reaction to play that your play partner should know about, tell them BEFORE you begin the scene.
  • If you have not played with this person before, take the time to negotiate.
  • If you are the carrier of any transmittable disease, we strongly advise you not to play.

Please, clean up after yourself:

  • Drinks spill, ashes drop, bodies leak fluids.
  • We have paper towels and disinfectant spray available by each play station.
  • After a scene, wipe down the equipment you’ve used and the area around the scene.
  • Please bring your own sheet for use on our mats and pillows after a scene.
  • Put one over a mat before you lower the bottom onto it. This will aid the person’s comfort.
  • Be sure to wipe down the plastic on pillows and mats with disinfectant spray when you are finished.
  • No smoking in play areas unless DM approves smoking within a scene.
  • When you are finished with a scene, clean the area, remove all toys and your play partner from the play area.

Sexual conduct, respect and conduct:

  • No illegal sexual conduct permitted.
  • There are private rooms available for play that includes sexual activities. Make use of them, be considerate and do not leave the doors open, sex is not prohibited at these parties but do so in private and with safety in mind.
  • Do be respectful and polite to everyone.
  • Do not assume an un-collared person is available to you.
  • Do respect a “No,” whether it means no play, no touch or anything else.
  • Don’t take it personally and don’t push.
  • Do not put your hands on owned (collared) submissives and slaves. They are collared and not yours to touch in any way.
  • Walk away if a scene makes you uncomfortable.


  • BDSM is considered by many to be a private matter.
  • In addition, misconceptions about BDSM remain widespread and may be personally and/or professionally damaging as it is with swinging.
  • By attending Sound Barrier sponsored functions, including but not limited to munches, educational seminars, workshops, play parties, and other sanctioned events, you agree not to divulge to anyone not in attendance at a specific Sound Barrier sponsored function, the names, statements, and/or actions of anyone else who attends said function, without their explicit permission.

The following activities are considered unacceptable behaviour under the Sound Barrier Confidentiality Policy:

  • Contacting or threatening another member’s non-scene related friends, family, or work associates in order to “out them” about scene activities.
  • Breach of this Confidentiality Policy may result in consequences leading up to but not excluding any legal action taken by the Club or the person in question and expulsion from the party and/or this website.
  • However, we understand that Sound Barriers’ Confidentiality Policy cannot guarantee confidentiality, you accept the risk of exposure involved in participating in a public venue.
  • No image (i.e. photography, sketching, cell phone pictures, etc.) may be captured at a Sound Barrier event without express consent being assured and/or previous permission from the DM and the people in question being secured.
  • If such approved images et al, are being made, notice MUST be given to all attendees and they must have the option of moving out of range, etc.
  • Non-consensual images et al, could result in loss of membership up to and including possible banning from the parties should the offense be duplicated.

Photographers and Pictures:

  • Photographers and a photography studio will be available at these events.
  • If you need photographs taken of a play make sure that you approach the DM or the photographer in advance to ensure that you get what you need.
  • Images will be posted without the express consent of those in the images, the photographer and those that might be affected by being in images.
  • When requested the photographer and or the people in images will remove these images wherever they are posted.
  • If you want to have copyright and ownership of any images (i.e. only you will have the rights to those images) that you want to be taken at an event, negotiate a fee with the photographer and you will have that.

The principle of Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) will always apply!

  • SSC always applies at SB events, RACK and PRICK is not suitable to monitor at public events and therefore we will not subscribe to them for these events!!

Sound Barrier has a Right of Admission reserved policy.

  • There are people who are aware that they are not allowed entry to any SB events. They will not be allowed entry on the site either. These people know who they are. We will be monitoring both our events and the site closely, should they try.

Photography Rules at Sound Barrier Events

The photo rules are quite simple and straightforward; these are also set out in the party rules.

  • You are going to be treated as adults at Sound Barrier events. We will not police you to be a responsible adult. If someone trusts you enough to use needles on them, then we should trust you enough to be an adult.
  • That much said you may use your cell phone camera at Sound Barrier with two conditions:
    • The DM or a monitor is present when the pic is taken and you will show them what you have taken to ensure background is not clear with any faces in it.
    • If you play in a private room with a door closed you are welcome to shoot your cell phones memory to capacity.
  • If you do not want to be in photographs convey this to a tog that aims a lens at you in a decent and civil fashion and he/she will not take any pictures of you and show you that they will remove any that was taken.
  • Copyright to any images remains jointly with the tog and the organisers. Both the tog and the organisers will not exercise free use of images without explicit consent of those in them.
  • The models/entities/people in photographs consents to mutually agreed to free use of images with mutual consent to publish obtained by any part prior to use of any such image.
  • As part of the opening/intro we make it clear that there are stickers available at the front desk to put on your body where visible should you not want to be in any photographs.
  • It is mutually accepted that should a person use photographs in their own profile which is supplied free of charge by the organisers of Sound Barrier that these pictures can be posted on the Sound Barrier profile or website. As we are not total dimwits we will endeavour to remove any images from anywhere should we receive such a request at any time.
  • Although we can make every effort to ensure everyone’s safety in terms of photographs as well as their anonymity if chosen, we cannot guarantee this. So please make sure that you are fully aware of any consequences or limitations that posting images might hold for yourself.
  • Sound Barrier photographers do this free of charge to you the community and supply professional quality images that would probably cost you an arm and a leg elsewhere. Please treat the people that supply this service to us with the necessary respect that someone deserves that gives you a professional service free of charge.
  • Contact sheets and proofs: It is impossible for any tog there to give a contact sheet for the choice of images; the volume of images simply does not allow this. It stands that they will have the choice of selecting the best images in their opinion and then distribute after post production. Should you wish to get raw files from them, it stands that you can ask; however, the organisers of Sound Barrier will not force a photographer to part with his raw images. In my experience asking nicely actually works best. However, that will remain their choice; we do not even ask that of them.

Lastly, these guys give us the kinky community something that adds value to our kink. We have yet to see this work like this anywhere else in the world and certainly have not seen it on fetlife yet. We ask nicely that anyone that gets to benefit from this initiative take the responsibility in dealing with what has great value with a sense of adult responsibility and cognisance of the feelings and pressure that the photographers have on them to get these images to you. It cannot happen overnight and we will always endeavour to have the images in your inbox latest a week before the next event. Hopefully, you will see the first images surfacing as soon as a few days after an event.


Is This A Kiwi Event?

NO. Kiwi is a swinger’s event which is hosted at Poizon and has got nothing to do with BDSM. Poizon is a venue for hire. There are a few lifestyle events hosted at Poizon, amongst them two swinger events that are regular bookers of the venue. The venue is geared for swinging but easily adapted for BDSM events. Which is what is being done.

Will There Be Swingers?

YES, there will/might be swingers attending as they are curious about our lifestyle. We accept everybody.

Do I Have To Book To Attend?

YES, you do need to book for the party/event.

Is Food Included In The Price?

NO, but venue does have something light available, should it be required.

Will There Be Items To Buy?

Occasionally. From time to time, there are people who will have kinky toys/items for sale.

Is There Non-Smoking Areas?

YES, the back of the club is a nonsmoking area.

What Is The Dress Code?

Theme, Kink or fetish. The fun is in the dress up too, but we won’t show you the door if you are not dressed up or not dressed at all.

Will I Be In Photographs?

Unless you request specifically you will not be in a photograph. The ONLY cameras allowed are those of trusted togs in the community and they will not shoot any pics of anyone that does not specifically request that.

What Time Must I Be There?

The opening of the event will be at 19:30. You can be there earlier if you wish to change into your fetish outfit. The newbie intro is at 20:30.

Is There Safe Parking?

YES, there is enough parking and a security guard on duty.


GPS Coordinates -26.016854 28.12003

Club Poizon, Richards St, Midrand, South Africa


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